The Awakening
of the Stars
A new STAR is born in the UNIVERSE,
when on EARTH a new AWAKENING occurs.
~ As Above, So Below ~

In their awakening, the Warrior goes through AWARENESS, ACCEPTANCE, and OVERCOMING

AWARENESS is discovering the essence of Who I Am
An inner dive where the truth was revealed.

ACCEPTANCE is the Internal Alchemy that transmutes Fear into Love.
The Love of Being and Sharing in Truth.

OVERCOMING is the burning desire to want at every moment,
to live life through the Heart in a vibrant and conscious Mind.
Astrology is one of the most beautiful forms of self-knowledge
It is the language of Internal Alchemy. It is the path to the AWAKENING OF THE STARS.

KNOW YOURSELF to love yourself, LOVE YOURSELF to be happy!

Thank you for sharing | monica teixeira | DFAstrolS

Natal Chart Interpretation
Know thyself, to love thyself and be happy! This is the motto that guides my work in astrology, an ancient practice that allows us to discover not only the mysteries of the cosmos but also the hidden corners of our psyche.