A bit about me for you.
I was born on 27 July 1972 in Luanda, but I moved to Portugal at a very young age. Until I was 27, I lived in Linda-a-Velha where I made lifelong friends. I have memories of being a sensitive child, yet physically resilient and independent. I spent a lot of time on the street, as was common in my generation, playing football, cops and robbers, and learning about life!

Astrology crossed my path around the age of 17, but it was at 19 that I had my first consultation. I still hold vivid memories from that time. The first reading of a Natal Chart is always a very impactful moment! While I was studying Computer Science at the Faculty of Sciences, I also started my first course in Astrology at the Quíron school, a special place, listening to the inspiring Maria Flávia.

For about 20 years, I worked in the field of information technology. I can't say I didn't like it, but I never felt truly fulfilled... My passion soon became Astrology, and my dream was to become an astrologer! I was born under a full moon in Aquarius, and nothing excites me more than bringing the individual into the collective, opening doors to the transformative path of self-knowledge.
In the twists of fate, I ended up in Santarém, a land of miracles, where I continued my studies of Astrology at the Faculty of Astrological Studies, and began to live a quieter life away from the hustle and bustle of the big metropolises. I obtained my diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in 2013, which gave me the momentum for my professional transformation. I have been a professional astrologer since 2016.

I do not believe in quick processes of personal or spiritual development, or in “magical” tools for instant awakening; none of that makes sense to me. The journey is long, continuous, and fascinating! I always strive to use Astrology in a positive way that enhances the best in each of us!

In the feedback from my clients, I always find reasons to continue on this path of love!

Astrological Training

  • Head of Exams at the Faculty of Astrological Studies, since 2022.
  • Member of the Council at the Faculty of Astrological Studies, since 2019.
  • Tutor at the Faculty of Astrological Studies, since 2017.


  • Diploma Holder from the Faculty of Astrological Studies, 2007-2014.
  • Course at Quíron, 1996-2001.
  • COACHING, training
  • "International Coaching Certification" course conducted with Cris Carvalho, 2019.

Remaining professional journey

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Lisbon (1990-1995) and postgraduate studies in the same field (2002-2003).
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer certification (2015), Leadership in Management (2014), and ISO/IEC 20000 Consultant.