Monica is an expert in the universe and the astral energies that surround us. Using this knowledge and her intuition/heart, she leads us on an enriching and enlightening journey that brings out the truest in each of us. I could not be more grateful for Monica's professionalism and dedication.
Vera Moreira
Thank you very much for the session and the notes!

I really appreciated the perspective, open and considering various possibilities, scenarios, and opportunities. With a comprehensive, empathetic, and non-judgemental approach. I really liked the way you try to understand the context in order to present the most sensible scenarios. The willingness to listen and to have a conversation also made me feel very comfortable. I will read and review the video to assimilate the information.
Ana B. (Bruxelas)
I loved the session! Thank you so much! I left feeling calmer and with the confidence needed to embrace my future, especially my professional future, whatever it may be.

I'm glad you crossed paths with my mother, as this meant you could also cross mine. I really enjoyed meeting you and appreciated the professionalism with which you prepared for and conducted the entire session. THANK YOU.
Carolina Costa
Olá Mónica,

Antes de mais, quero deixar o meu profundo e sincero agradecimento pela sessão de ontem. Foram, sem dúvida, os 90 minutos mais produtivos que já tive na vida. Agradeço-lhe muito por isso!
Ana Sofia Cordeiro
Thank you for such a comprehensive session!
It was an intense experience!
Filipa Vasconcelos
I've been meaning to send this message since the consultation... First of all, I loved meeting you ?
I want to thank you for the wonderful consultation ✨ I had no idea that an astrology reading could be so accurate, my life so clearly written in the stars, and I loved it ❤️
Thank you for your availability, patience, professionalism, and kindness.
We will definitely talk more often ?
I've realised it's a book with many stories ?
Elsa Glória
Through Monica’s consultation, I received a very insightful, valuable birthday present. Her interpretations of my birth chart have been able to deepen my understanding of who I am, and why that may be. Monica’s consultation has made melook towards the future for a full as possible integration of myself, whilst accepting and learning to cope with the past. I recommended it for anyone wanting to improve and reflect on themselves.
Luke Insley, Manchester, England
Fate led me to Monica; it was mere chance in my quest for my purpose, but I believe my path took me to her when I needed guidance at that moment in my life, and it was the best I could have had.
I cannot find enough words to thank her for the serenity with which she explained so much about me and my true essence. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Diana Ferreira

Understanding my birth chart has helped me to accept and integrate my experiences, and to understand what I need to work on within myself to find the desired balance.

I appreciate the clarity, simplicity, and kindness with which Monica conveyed all the information.


Sara Martins
Monica is excellent. I understood how astrology applies to our daily lives, how it explains our behaviors and the origins of some things. It was simply a wonderful experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️
Sandra Gonçalves
Monica conducted this work with great competence and professionalism, revealing to me, in a clear and direct manner, my birth chart within the context of my career transition. In moments like this, where the entire future is at stake, understanding what the stars reveal at various times of life—past, present, and future—provides confidence and greater security on the path.
Gratitude, Monica.
Adriana Percontini
I met Monica about a year ago when she facilitated the Astrology Level 1 course. She is very professional, knowledgeable, and eager to share, meticulous and rigorous in her work. I sought Monica out to do the Solar Return chart, where, without tricks or magic, she described everything the sky had in store for my life in the coming years. The challenges and opportunities I can seize in all areas. I advise and recommend her work to anyone interested in Astrology.
Joana Carolino
"Tive o grande privilégio de receber os aconselhamentos da Mónica Teixeira.
Uma pessoa com grande sensibilidade e tudo o que me disse foi cheio de sentido. Foi muito profundo e terapêutico. Tocou cá dentro.
Bem hajas Mónica! Um abraço cósmico e Até breve."
Maria João
Maria João, Lisboa

Monica interpreted me in a unique, clear, and objective way!
She provided me with tools for self-analysis, the key points so I can clarify my true essence and my path!
She described and clarified the way I act, react, or deal with situations.
She gave me important dates, timings according to what I specifically asked her to analyze in my life.
It helps, and it helps a lot! Because we start to analyze ourselves in another way, more clearly and efficiently!
We have access to a super detailed and well-written report to consult whenever we feel like it!
Having these tools and these wonderful people to support us is a valuable addition to our life!

Thank you very much, Monica

Susana Damaso, Torres Vedras
Monica is a being full of light and love, with a very profound intuitive and analytical capacity. She dedicates herself wholeheartedly to everything she does. I am very grateful to have met her and for how much she has enlightened me on some important issues in my personal life. Besides, she is a dear friend. I wish her much success in this new project that will help many people find their path in life and understand deep questions about their existence. A big hug.
Isabel Costa., LIsboa
30 de janeiro 2016
For some time, I had been thinking about getting an astrological chart done. I read various things and made charts on websites, but the truth is that nothing compares to a professional and targeted reading. Monica was the best choice, friendly, attentive, and very available; I really liked it. I now have tools about myself that will help me with both past issues, which are more delicate, and future ones. Thank you! Same place, same time next year.
Joana Brito., Alentejo
30 de janeiro 2016
The realization of a long-held wish came about through Monica's availability, in a way that I did not know was possible in Astrology: without pragmatism, decoded, and serene.
Thank you very much for sharing and for your continuous interest in deepening knowledge and, most importantly, in people.
Sofia Antunes., Santarém
30 de janeiro 2016
A person who does not seek to know themselves better will not have a good reason to seek out Monica, and by extension, Astrology. Because that is "only" what Monica offers, as she analyzes our birth chart with zeal and deep commitment: an opportunity to discern the influences that may be guiding us to certain places, while helping us understand how we can respond to them, or how we are already responding to them (often without realizing it...).
Speaking for myself, the takeaway from conversations with Monica is a dose of awareness that leaves me more alert and prepared for what is coming - and which I ensure comes with the least possible "damage". This is something like a blessing amid so much distraction today that leaves me ill-prepared to seriously reflect on what is happening to me, and why it is happening to me, without any way to derive some lesson. I thank Monica for this new, more enlightened way of being in life.
Vanessa Sousa

Some time ago, I had the opportunity to talk with Monica about Astrology. From there to asking her to make me a Birth Chart and interpret it was a leap, and here I am, amazed by the result.

Not that I expected anything less, but the quality with which Monica presented the work to me, the professionalism and delicacy with which she exposed the result of meticulous and detailed work, turned a common experience into a special moment in my life. Hearing someone who barely knows me describe my way of being in the world and in life in detail was exciting. Understanding that deep spiritual help can be achieved by listening to what we are and what we can improve.

Without exaggerated predictions or flashy future plans, it was an attention grab, a call to earth in the sense that sometimes it is necessary to stop to better understand ourselves.

A cheerful session where Monica's excellence transcends all doubts we may have.

Thank you Monica. Thank you for the peace with which you showed me the Self.

Maria L., Santarém
28 de Junho 2016
I am grateful, Monica, for your help in this search for understanding myself. I particularly appreciated your care, your thoroughness, your seriousness, and your ability to create empathy. And I cannot help but marvel at seeing my life mirrored like this, confirmation that we are a part of a vast Universe, with a unique and precise purpose that is inscribed not only in the 'stars' but also deep within ourselves. And astrology, a complex science that requires someone who knows how to 'read' it, with knowledge, as was the case, proved to be fundamental in the certainty and confidence of the path I tread. I will certainly return.
Maria L., Santarém
28 de Junho 2016
First of all, I want to thank you for the kindness with which you treated me throughout the session.
Your careful handling of the most sensitive issues, those with which I have not yet fully learned to live, that emotional maturity that sometimes takes time to arrive, made me feel comfortable and 'welcomed.'
I am certain that we will have other opportunities to explore my life more deeply.
Thank you very much for the opportunity to get to know myself through you..
Rita Mendes
Very grateful for the insights and for your care and dedication in conducting the consultation and the way you clarify the transits and help us refine our self-awareness. Knowing Who We Are. Grateful, my dear friend, for understanding the duality I have been experiencing lately, which often left me feeling distressed and without direction, experiencing emotions of anger and aggressiveness.

Very grateful for reaching me with the news that the Moon will progress to a more comfortable sign and the good aspects of Jupiter and Pluto.

My dear friend, it is always so good to talk to you. Monica has delicacy and sweetness in reading and interpreting the Chart; when I talk about a subject, she diligently and earnestly searches her tables to find an answer to give me.

Infinitely grateful for walking beside me.

Many blessings to you, Monica!
Lots of light and Love in your Life!
Ana Fundão
I've been having consultations with Monica since 2020, and I love them! They are moments of realism, self-awareness, and self-discovery, always with a dose of optimism and sensitivity. I highly recommend it ?
Filipa Costa (Nome anonimizado)
My first astrologer and the one I continue to trust is Mónica Teixeira. Thank you, Mónica, for your sincere words, for reading the chart without judgment, and for having such empathy for my story. I get a chart done every year and always follow the social media posts, which provide me with comfort and advice throughout the year until the next chart. The chart with Mónica's written notes is also something I revisit when doubt arises, and it always brings me more clarity and understanding. As I always say, whether it's a book or therapy, they are only beneficial for our evolution when written or conducted by the right person. In my case, Mónica is the right person for Astrology.
Marta Correia ( Nome anonimisado )
My dear Mónica! It's been several years now that you've been reading my chart! To me, you are more than just an amazing professional, but rather a friend... Your readings are accurate and help me greatly in staying focused and preparing for each year in a positive way! Kisses.
Marisa Sousa